Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Raven

Recently, I got Netflix. It's something that's really good. I can watch a movie when I want in just about any genre. I've been finding recently that I need to relax once in a while since I write every single day. There are no days off for me especially I had to start meeting publishing deadlines. The old adage applies, all work and no play...

This Raven is a movie I watched recently and I think it's a decent bit of horror fiction. It's a little gory here and there which I don't mind since it kind of goes with the genre.

Found it to be a quite imaginative look at the last days Edgar Allen Poe lived. Some madman is committing murders based on what can be read in Poe's stories. The author himself is brought in to help solve the cases though at first it's because the police suspect him. The suspense was well done and it kept me guessing on who was the murderer. I really didn't expect who it turned out to be. 

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