Monday, June 10, 2013

Authors behaving badly.

I got your attention didn't I?

No, I'm not talking about having wild parties. Those are fun and I haven't been to one in a long time. May have to change that. Hmm.....

What I'm talking about is an author who was bashing other authors that I happen to know. After I witnessed it the other day I can tell you it's not right. The results that I could see was all of the authors and publisher who were bashed got free advertising out of it, one I know even sold at least one copy of their book. The publisher had increased traffic to their website. Kind of wanted this person to bash my books also to tell you the truth.

It was all the result of the escalation of an argument. What's the lesson in all of this? Negativity doesn't pay so why be negative? All it does is reflect badly on yourself and increases interest in the other person. For many people, whether they want to admit it or not, negativity for them becomes this juicy morsel that they savor. What do you think put publications like the National Enquirer on the map and made them such big names? One of those was negative gossip.

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