Thursday, October 24, 2013

Beyond Realms

I'm doing the final brush ups on the book right now and don't have far to go. It won't be long until it's released which I'm thinking will be next week. It is a fantasy novel and it will be available through Amazon and most other e-book stores. Soon there will even be a print edition that will also be offered through Amazon.

Valaria is on the verge of war, instigated by the powerful witch Galadril. She only wants to become more powerful and control all. Through time and space, Princess Esmeralda was hidden away for her safety for years, but has been brought back to assume her rightful place. Galadril will do anything to keep that from happening, and her cousin Galadrar is a wizard who has vowed to make sure it does.

Step into another world, a place beyond the present, as you journey through Valaria in "Beyond Realms."

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