Saturday, November 16, 2013

A little of the behind the story of "Beyond Realms"

While I was growing up I did what many kids do and I read a few fantasy stories. I had fallen in love with Chronicles of Narnia and later on Lord of the Rings. Both of which I read several times over and over. Both series are so memorable and they've been turned into movies over the years.
One other book that's quite interesting is "The Eyes of the Dragon" by Stephen King. I remember reading somewhere that he'd written that book so that his kids would be able read it. I'm thinking they were about ten years old at the time. That was something that I've never forgotten.
Now fast forward several years. I'm now writing books and most of them are R rated. I've got grand kids that are really young these days. They might eventually want to read something I've written. What to do? Most of what I write I'm not giving them copies of until they're about 17. After much thought, I decided that I would write something in epic fantasy.
The story line came together of a girl who doesn't know she's a princess. She returns to take on her destiny. There's also the conflict of good versus evil that runs throughout which is a common element of fairy tales. From those things the story then took on a life of its own while I began writing it down. 
Can you imagine a single tear falling would wake someone from a spell? That kind of thing actually happens in real life when you think about and it was one of the concepts the story is built upon. It's also what changes the King.

It's been quite an amazing book to write and one I will always remember fondly. Now, I'm happy to announce that "Beyond Realms" has been signed by Hall & Muscato publishing. Presently, I know it's available on Amazon.

If you get the print version you can also the e-book I think for $1.99 when that kicks in.

These are the links to my new publisher. Stop by and show them some love.

Here's where they have the book listed on their site.

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