Monday, November 25, 2013

Writing updates 25 November

I'm in between edits on another book that was signed more recently. It's coming along pretty well and the publisher seems to be happy. That manuscript has hit 52k so it's a full fledged novel. Soon, the edits and rewrites should be complete.

In the interim between edit rounds I've been building the story line to Inquiso. This is one thriller that will be very violent and yes there will be terrorists, nuclear bombs, and so far there is a lot of foul language in places. So far, on the initial bits the manuscript has hit 16k and I'm not sure quite how many chapters but they're all printed off so I can refer to everything easily. I'm not quite sure if I'll set it aside later so I can continue working on Ascendency Rising or not. Either way I'm looking at completing three novels this next year one of which is Etheusela which will be the sequel to Beyond Realms.

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