Sunday, February 2, 2014


I was rather shocked recently that an ad would cause outrage of any kind because it wasn't in English. It happened with the ad this link goes to.

Every one of us, except for a very few are the descendants of immigrants. My own ancestry is English, Irish, Norwegian, and several others and my family name originated with John Bigelow who was on the Winthrop Fleet of 1630. While my ancestors have been here in the America's for a long time, almost four centuries, it doesn't make me better than anyone else. John Bigelow, he was born in Suffolk, England on 16 February 1617.

America consists of a melting pot. That's part of what made this country so great. So many different ideas were brought together in one place it sparked so many inventions. I can guarantee you that the majority of those immigrants that came didn't speak English at first. They had to learn it over time and I'm sure it was difficult. Can you imagine why they would leave their homelands? It was lots of different reasons. Starvation or religious persecution was two of the big ones.

I would love to see the derision, hatred, bigotry, all go bye bye. It doesn't really belong when you think about it. 

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  1. It is mystifying how racism, bigotry, the hate for others, hasn't died off yet. You would think all people would be looking to bring the change.
    I bet, if every phobic filled person had to spend a few days living the life of a dicriminated victim, they would change their mindset. Just like cooking is taught in school, that should be taught in a life skills or social studies class. Tolerance and acceptance should be a required course with a dose of "brown v blue eyes" or some verson, thrown in. A version should also be in parenting classes.


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