Thursday, May 15, 2014

National Bike Month

Now is national bike month here in the US. Bikes are really great for transportation. 

I of course do save quite a bit by not driving and I know it every time I pass by a gas station. It's almost $3.50 per gallon and I'm not expecting it to ever get below $2.50 per gallon again. 

One of the bigger surprises though was getting a discount on my life insurance because I didn't expect that. Probably the biggest detraction is that it takes you longer to get from place to place but I never have to take any days off for sickness. I'm going on 50 and I'm just about the only one that works where I do who doesn't have to. It's probably because of all of the bike riding, a bike is my only transportation.

Here are some of the numbers that have been put together by a couple of other sites.

Here's my ride these days. I really like the Takara, it's been a really good bike. So far I haven't even had a flat tire which has been a shocker.

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