Friday, August 22, 2014

Long Boat

     This is what I've started working on. Parts of the story are loosely based upon the Viking sagas. I've been interested in it for a long time. Leif Erickson, and his father, Erick the Red will be central to parts of my story line just as they are in the Vinland and Greenland sagas. Because some of the sagas don't cover the timeline in depth I'm having to fill in bits here and there just like everyone that's written stories surrounding the sagas. Then again, I think the writers of the sagas filled in a bit here and there. 
     Of course, the sagas were written down about two or three hundred years after the events they were writing about and they consist of what had been spoken tales. There's a good chance that things were added to make for exciting campfire tales. Regardless, there's still a kernel of what really happened.
     Where I'm trying to be totally accurate is the actual historical archaeological evidence from the time. As a result I've been heavily studying Norse shipbuilding techniques and how they built their homes. So far I've learned a lot. I'm not sure I would want to hoist one of those felt sails for one. It would be kind of neat to actually do some of the carpentry though, it was amazing what they could do with hand drills, planes, axes, and draw knives.
     It's been many years since I first heard about L'Anse aux Meadows and the short term settlement that was there. Since then it's been proven it actually was a Norse settlement. I believe when I was reading through the sagas where the place is actually mentioned. Based on, both the sagas, and the archaeological dig it was never permanently settled. After reading a bit through the sagas I do understand why it would be short. Leif, and company, didn't treat the natives very well. I'm sure I would have been a bit upset too. Still, it's fun exploring it a bit.

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