Thursday, December 11, 2014

Home built bench

 Three years ago someone had thrown out a headboard and footboard. It caught my eye and I took it home. After a short while I decided to turn it into a bench which I finished with polyurethane. Below is the result of that recycling and repurposing project. It had been sitting in that place on the porch ever since until the other day when I finally brought it into the living room. 

This is the place I originally had intended for it. It looks really nice there. The only detraction is that it still needs a cushion for the seat which I initially designed it to have. Therefore temporarily I was using a pillow. While I kept looking at the bench I decided I liked the weathered distressed look. It seems to add a little something.

The other day I finally figured out what I wanted for a cushion. I soon ordered the foam and some suede material. While I was able to do part of the project with sewing machine there was still a lot that had to be hand sewn which is what I was doing in this image.

Here I am in the middle of the sewing part of the project. I happen to be nearsighted so when it comes to sewing I have to take off my glasses. 

 Here is the completed project. It really looks good now and is very comfortable to sit on. It's also quite the conversation piece if anyone came over to the house. A real one of a kind.

I come up with some really different ideas at times. This was one of them and I'm very glad I did it as I'm writing this while sitting on the cushion. Until next time have a great day.

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