Saturday, January 3, 2015


"The only constant is change." Heraclitis

We all go through various changes through time. Some are big, some are little. Regardless, changes will occur. This morning I was just thinking about the past.
   I'm now living alone for two months. It's been quite an experience. Twenty years ago if I'd had the same thing happen I probably would have packed a backpack and left everything else that wouldn't fit. I would have gone to the nearest interstate and stuck out my thumb. I'm not sure whether I was just running away or I was seeking something. There was never a final destination in mind as I was mainly a vagabond.

   Over the years I'd seen the Grand Canyon, both coasts, Mexico, all the lower 48 states. I have some good memories, I also have a lot of bad ones. It's one of the reasons I don't travel now as I've seen many different places. I've also slept under many bridges, stayed in many missions, and eaten at many soup kitchens. There are many different states I've worked in and have called home for short periods.
   In 1998 is when the biggest change occurred and I first settled down somewhat. It's quite a divergent life I've lived looking back. I don't know anyone who's lived the same way I have. It's also why I've spent most of my life alone. I've never had kids though I never really wanted any. It's not like they would have fit well in the lifestyle I chose. 

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