Saturday, April 11, 2015

Garden 2015

I thought I would share a little of this years effort. Something I've wanted is a watering timer you can see it in this picture. Pretty simple device that times up to two hours.

This bed with the bulbs now has its own water. I just have to flip a lever to start watering it.

This is at the back end of the garden. Those little bushes produce tiny pink flowers and the plants are drought resistant.  

All the little green sprouts are Cosmos. They are coming up in a thick blanket. In some places I'm probably going to have to pull them unfortunately or they will kill the other stuff I'm trying to grow.

This is the new rose bush I'm trying this year. I'm also trying out twenty Liatris bulbs most of which I planted in the formerly unused center section.

I'm hoping the strawberries will do well this year. 

This is the Wisteria that I guess still has several years to go before it flowers. 

I had planted another one of those flowering bushes up front and you can see the one established rosebush.  

Part of my irrigation system died and I replaced with this soaker hose. It emits, according to the package 1 gallon of water per foot per hour. Being new it hasn't sunk into the soil yet like it's going to. 

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