Friday, November 6, 2015

Garden of the Gods park 10/5

I finally got a set of filters for my Fuji and I've been steadily using them since. It's a really nice set with three neutral density filters, a circular polarizer, and a ultra violet. With the filters I'm able to expand the range the camera can do. 
   One place I've been wanting to visit again is Garden of the Gods Park since I haven't been there for several years. It's a rather large park on the west side of the city that has these fantastic rock outcroppings and can make for some interesting images. I probably would have shot more images but it was chilly. About 45F I think. Still, I can't wait to get some snow images which are coming up.

I've shot this particular scene a few before but was wanting to reshoot it with the Fuji. Each time I get the composition slightly different. 

This one was just an experiment. I was trying to get more used to working with the circular polarizer. It's nice how the circular polarizer pulls out the blue of the sky. Luckily I bracketed this image so I could layer one frame over the bottom one and get greater range in the resulting image.

This is the horseback trail on the west side of the park.

I should have bracketed two frames for this image so I could have pulled out the trees better.

This image I shot on the fourth and I think is the first image where I used all three ND's, the CPL, and the UV filters for one frame. I was very pleased with the results.

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