Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

May your holiday be filled with cheer, good tidings, and a sense of wonder. While there is a negative news these days I recommend not focusing too much on it however. Most of us, including myself, have had many blessings during this year.
Yesterday, Susan and I, began giving each other a few of the gifts we'd gotten each other. Susan plays in a pool league and so one of the things I got her was a new pool cue bag. With one of her favorite colors being purple the color choice was obvious. Not so easy to find a purple cue bag however, but I managed to do so.

We went to the nursing home and gave Peggy, Susan's mother, a few gifts. As a joke I wrapped up some candy in one which is that little package on top. 

Here she is opening that little package which she opened first. When she got to the next couple of gifts she asked if they were filled with candy too which made us laugh. 

As I recall there was a shirt in this package. 

Something that can be used as a lap blanket is pretty much a natural gift for those staying in a nursing home. I got her one with puppies which she likes. 

Have a great day. A new year is just around the corner and is filled with many opportunities.

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