Tuesday, May 17, 2016

More from Mesa Verde

Here are some more of the cliff dwellings. It amazes me they lived in such a place. Naturally, as to the reasons why, I wonder. These are not easy to get into. To get some of these shots you need a lot of focal length, and therefore a lot of glass on your camera.

I can see how this would be named the Dance Plaza. It kind of looks like one. 

They must have had really good climbing skills to get into the upper parts.

The dwellings start right at the bottom of the canyon. Technically they would be in the flood when there was serious rains. At the time, however, my understanding is there was a major drought going on.

This is the canyon those cliff dwellings is in. Not too bad I think from the bottom of the canyon. To get to the bottom of the canyon easily you have to walk a couple of miles.

I'll try to post some more in the coming weeks.

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