Monday, May 2, 2016

Walkabout (flash fiction)

John loved these evening walks on the lake shore away from his many daily cares of his business. The walks allowed him to take a few moments to take break from everything. It was just never long enough to be a real break so he called them walkabouts.

  He stopped walking a moment and turned to look back at the cabin. Four years ago he had bought it for these little getaways he’d always wanted to take but never could. He was too busy too often. One day he wanted to take a whole week at a time instead of just a weekend here and there like he was doing now. The cool sand felt great on the soles of his bare feet in the evening.

  Smiling, he turned, to look out over the water. The expanse of stars reflected on the surface of the water. A single light caught his attention as it arced through the darkness.

  I wonder where that plane is going.

  The moving light slowed and came closer until it was directly overhead. Then, it descended toward the surface of the water slowly. John could only stand there in awe and watch it.

  In a few minutes it stopped a short distance from the surface of the water. Hovering it appeared as if the surface of the craft was pulsing with faint blue lights. A soft pulsating sound filled the air. What the fuck?

  Out of the bottom of the craft a beam came down to the surface of the water. Something dark travelled up through the beam of light to the craft.

  Unable to contain himself any longer John squeaked, “oh, Jesus Christ!”

  The beam disappeared and the light pulses across the surface of the craft changed from soft blue to red. To John’s shock the craft came closer to him. His heartbeat thumped in his ears though he was barely able to distinguish it. The soft pulsating sound increased in volume.

  Wanting to run and hide John was riveted in place. His mouth hung open in rapt attention.

  Directly over his head the craft stopped. Out of the bottom of the craft the beam started to descend toward John. His vision faded and he collapsed to the ground.

  All became darkness.

  In future nightmares he’d relive the next few hours of time.

The end

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