Sunday, August 14, 2016

North Cheyenne Canyon

Susan's brother is in town visiting and we decided to take him up to North Cheyenne Canyon Park on Friday. He hadn't been there before so now there's a shared memory for all three of us.
It is my absolute favorite place to do some photography. I was also wanting to get a little more familiar with my new Canon. I think I did all of these with the 18-55mm lens since I wanted to go wide angle as much as possible. For several of them I was also using my ND filter set and I was doing a lot of shutter length bracketing. The ones making the cut aren't necessarily those with the longest exposures.
The first one is the top of Helen Hunt Falls. I don't believe I ever shot it this way before where I made the foot bridge central to the composition. I like it.

Both of these were shot from the foot bridge in the previous image.

We went to a picnic area further downstream which is where I shot all four of these. The stream shots I bracketed extensively and you're seeing what I think was the best. Those blue flowers are growing in several places on the stream bank. They look lovely.

I hope you have a great day today and enjoy life a bit.

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