Sunday, September 18, 2016

Cripple Creek Day 1

We finally made it into Cripple Creek. After we got into our room I looked out the window noticed this building on the hillside. I wanted to find it when we got back in the car so I could maybe photograph it. It turns out the building is near the beginning of a trail that I think one day next year I'll hike.
I did take a peek inside. Probably would have gone inside but got to think of board breaking, and all of that.

That is the trail leading on into the mountains.

This is a mine building that I didn't go over to. I thought it was kind of neat the old mine building, and the trees that were starting to change color.

One day, these pits will be taken over by the trees on the hillside.

I was trying to get some long exposures of the cars on the road leading into town. The half second exposure was just about perfect for daytime.

This one was done from our room, and I think it's better than the earlier one. I set the tripod up, opened the window, and did a 30 second exposure.

Cripple Creek at night.

I think tomorrow I'll be uploading a few more from our second day in Cripple Creek which was on our train ride.
Have a great day, and try to enjoy your life a bit.

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