Monday, October 31, 2016


We went up to Monument Lake on Friday. Unfortunately I wasn't able to hike all of the places I wanted to. They managed to build up some of the weirs at one end of the lake which has expanded the wetlands. Now the wetlands covers some of the trails that I used to walk on. Guess I'd have to walk quite a ways around now.
While on my way to discovering all of this I spotted a magpie in a tree. I began to follow it with the camera as it went up higher in the tree, and then, came back down to the lower branches.
A couple of these I will be uploading to Viewbug.

Soon, I'll be sharing some of the Coot images too. I sincerely hope you're enjoying the photography. I'm going to try to get even more wildlife images.
Have a great day and enjoy life.

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