Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Successful resumes

There are a number of things that are common to successful resumes.

One, they have a number of keywords throughout the resume. I recommend picking out the keywords you want to get across and then build your resume.

Two, they show accomplishments. The more accomplishments that you can show the better off you are. Did you get an employee of the month award at some point? Add to the appropriate entry as a bullet point. Were you hired as a temp employee and were then hired permanent? If so, add it as a bullet to that job entry. Did you make the honor roll in college? Add it as a bullet point to your college entry.

Three, take a break once you've put that much together. Then come back and edit, edit, edit some more. If it doesn't need to be there get rid of it. Make sure it is extremely readable extremely quickly. You have six seconds total in which you can impress them. That was according to a recent study on how long spend looking at a resume.

I wish you the best, have a great job hunt.

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