Thursday, April 26, 2012

Virtual workspace

In many cases there isn't really a need for a physical place that you have to work at. So many times in call center work you could easily do the same job from home instead of going to a call center. You simply use an interface and headset from home to log, take calls, everything. There are some of these types of jobs now available through Alpine Access for one     and there are a number of others also. There are also many sales positions where you receive and make calls via your internet connection. I will note that you really do need a cable or DSL internet connection. We presently have Cricket Cellular broadband, the software the virtual call centers uses will not work through it.

Probably the main issue for most call center work to tell you the truth is control. Many call centers don't feel that because representatives can be watched closely. A few call centers have had issues with employees not doing what they were supposed to be doing in taking care of the customers. A couple of those call I've worked for in the past in fact had issues with this and yes, I heard the calls. They were used as examples for what not to do when I was in training with them.

Nonetheless, more and more call center over the next few years will be done from home. There's no issues with commutes, computer software licenses and many other things. Right now, because jobs are not as plentiful as they used to be there is a lot of competition for these positions when they do become available. So, be prepared to apply to many virtual call center positions before you hear from any of them.

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