Sunday, April 15, 2012

Working Part Time

A few years ago I was unemployed from the call centers that I had been working at for a long time. I was having trouble finding a new position because I was unemployed. I'm one for doing something about it constructive. What I did was start looking for a part time job. I figured that working part time was better than not working at all. Soon I found such a job at a nearby Kmart. While I worked there I continued looking for a job that paid better. Because I was now employed it looked much better on applications and improved my chances considerably. Two months after getting the job at Kmart I found the job I am working at now. I've now been at this job for two years and am working full time. Don't turn down part time positions completely, they can be a considerable asset when hunting for a job. It did come up in the interview also.
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