Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fart Tart Freddy by Eric Deckard

Enjoy this look at the idea behind the book of a fellow author.

I came up with my children's book idea first off because i wanted to promote a candy im trying to bring to market called Fart Tarts. A candy similier to pez but the candy comes out the butt. So i developed a whole story about these Fartin Martians from outerspace that live in the city of Flatulantis.I made the story extremely funny butt i also wanted a moral to the story so kids can be entertained as well as inspired! In my debut book Mean Methane Mikes bullying becomes worse than Rebecca Rotton Bottoms farts in class. It's up to the least powerful Fartin Martian Fart Tart Freddy to stand up Mean Methane Mike. Can he overcome his insecurties and realize it's not the size of your farts but the size of your heart or does he get blown away... Please check out my new book at http://www.farttarts.com/ you will be blown away pun intended , laugh so hard you'll make co co pebbles in your pants, and inspired never to give up.

Thanks Sincerely Eric Deckard

Excerpt from the book:" Will i dont feel lucky." Fart Tart Freddy shrugged staring across pooper pond. " At least you dont get picked on everday at school." He muttered.

Hey, it’s not easy being overweight. I get picked on too.

Sometimes I don’t even feel like going to school,” said Bubble Butt Brandon.

“Wow!” Freddy thought. “That’s how I feel every day.” Freddy worried all of the time what Methane Mike would say or do to him next. “At least you’re not barely a one on the Fart Chart,” said Freddy.

“That doesn’t mean I’m not bothered when people crack jokes about my weight.”

“Yeah getting made fun of stinks!” said Freddy.

“Yeah more than Rebecca Rotten Bottoms’ fart in class today,” replied Brandon with a grimace.

“Yuck!” Freddy blurted, and they both busted up laughing.

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