Thursday, August 2, 2012

Growing Things

Since I have published the book has been a best seller on Amazon, now it is also a non-fiction best seller on All Romance. It really was a labor of love to write the book, to research the material and to go over the previous years gardening results. I really love my garden, spending time in it and getting my hands dirty.

I'm very pleased with how that title has done so far and I'm really just amazed also. I just never imagined that it would do what it has and I'm very humbled. Everyone that has gotten the book I hope has enjoyed it and been able to enrich their lives with a lot of beauty and life. There's nothing quite like walking over to your rose bush and see that bud as it's opening to become a gorgeous flower that touches your soul. Bee's buzzing from flower to flower will make you smile. Taking a walk along a row and seeing those first sprouts as they're breaking the surface, it's just an amazing experience.

I hope that everyone is able to make the beauty of a garden an important part of their life.

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