Friday, August 31, 2012


I've started using a little netbook for doing some writing, it does pretty good. It's tiny, cheap and very portable which means I can carry it really easy to wherever I am.

It even came with a little USB mouse which is better than the little touchpad. I guess you can also hook up a full sized USB keyboard which could make the writing process even better. One thing that seemed to interfere right at first was the on screen keyboard, it took up about half of the screen. It also slowed down my writing a bit, seemed to hesitate when I was typing any letters. Once it was shut off the hesitation went away for the most part.

I will note that the office suite that it comes with is horrid. This one is much better and its free.

I kind of like the ability to go right to the end of whatever document you were last working in. You really don't want to scroll through 70 pages of book as its really slow on this netbook.

Later today I'll try the WiFi out and we'll see but I expect that will work quite well. I will note that any ereader software you want to install you really need the netbook up and that you want to be connected via WiFi. It actually has a large enough screen that you could turn it into a very handy e-reader. Was looking at doing some of that for testing my final versions of my books on an additional device. Many of the free Android apps run through Google Play, you can't download them to a PC and copy them to your netbook. I may live in the city but there is no WiFi where I live, actually will have to be elsewhere to get some of the most useful apps.

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