Sunday, September 23, 2012

Contest updates

So far I'm pretty happy with my results. About 300 have read "Witchery Afoot" so far which is a lot of readers for me. Most of the non-fiction and poetry I've written doesn't get anywhere near that amount of readers except over a lot of years. Since we can have two stories in I also cleaned up a little the short story "Whole World in a Raindrop" and added it in to the contest. It's had about 20 reads so far which is pretty cool I think especially considering I didn't tell anyone about it being there.

I haven't read all of the stories I'll admit but I've read a number of them. Some of my favorites?

"So, which one is the right ear again?" by Erika Szabo
(Quite a fascinating story that I could too easily see happen)

"The Lost Ship" by Alan Place
(What can I say, I love ghost stories)

"Treblinka" by Bud Scott
(I like reading stories surrounding aspects of the Holocaust)

"The Dog With No Name" by Jerold Last
(Interesting case and would be a good way to name a dog)

Now, every person will have their own personal favorites so I invite you to come check it out and see what yours is.

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