Thursday, September 20, 2012


This is the next story I should have coming out, its YA paranormal/fantasy.

Tom Seaton was sitting on his porch just relaxing as it was reaching evening. His grey hair glistened in the lighting. The shadows were starting to lengthen with the sun so low on the horizon. Shapes were becoming indistinct all around as he was sitting on the well-used deck chair. It felt good to take what seemed to be a much needed break after what turned out to be a very long day. Earlier in the day the kids had come back and had brought his Grandchildren with them.

He loved them dearly but liked rather shorter visits then how long they spent at the house earlier in the day. They had so much more energy than he did. More than once he wished that he was once again only four, five or six years old. Sometimes, being the age he was just didn’t feel had any advantages. Every time he looked in the mirror and looked at the grey hair it just made him feel old. That especially held true when the day had been spent wrestling with the young kids when they came over.

While sitting there he was beginning to nod off and some of the shadows seemed to be coming to life. It was as if they were moving and writhing on the expanse of the rather dead and desiccated brown grass that now consisted of the lawn. All of watering restrictions had taken their toll on yards throughout the town. What had once been a wonderful expanse of green no longer was and Tom doubted it would be again.

At first they weren’t making any sounds which seemed a little disturbing to him but he let that thought pass rather quickly. He figured that it was just his imagination running away from him. As they got closer he began to realize that it wasn’t something like that. This was something that was happening for real. He was now becoming very sentient and awake.

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