Sunday, September 30, 2012

Things that go bump...

It's a lot of fun to write in and of itself and it can even be more fun to write about scary things. One thing leads to another and all of a sudden... you've got a nice little horror story ;-)

I just entered a rather mild horror piece in another contest. Then again it might not be so mild depending how you look at it, I'll sure peek over fences when I look at houses to buy from now on. What started me in writing it was a little nightmare of which the result is called "Marker". It is the 23rd submission out of the 25. After the contest I will post the story in one of the tabs here on the blog. Comments are greatly appreciated by all of the authors (especially if you loved the story).
Voting on these stories starts October 1st.

~ ~ ~

Witchery Afoot was published in this anthology which of course I got my copy :-) 
It is free on Smashwords and you can get it in all formats.

 ~ ~ ~

Of course I do have the one short story competition going on where "Witchery Afoot" is posted. I also brushed up "Whole World in a Raindrop" a little bit and posted it. There are now 33 stories in the contest.

I've already been working on a longer version of Witchery Afoot that I'll be publishing later on though I just don't know quite when. Most of my writing has been focused on Etheusela these days. 

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