Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I needed a little break from another project so it could stew a little more and so I started on this little horror bit. Don't know when I'm coming out with it but it will be called "Liturgy" when I do come out with it. Parts of it have been running around in the back of my mind for a very long time.

The full moon was reflecting on the shimmering water of the lake. An owl hooting in the distance broke the quiet of the evening and startled the girl. Momentarily brought back to awareness she looked around her.

What am I doing out here now?

Once again her vision descended into darkness. Her thin night gown swayed as she walked in the low visible light. Goose bumps raised on her arms as each step carried her closer to the red glow visible in the grass. Something she couldn't understand or break the hold of was drawing her closer.

Kneeling down she reached into the tuft tendrils of red light reached out and wrapped around her hand. Levitating out of the grass it floated to just above her hand. There it hovered for a few moments before dropping into her open palm. Turning around she headed back to her warm bed in the little bungalow.

Entering the house she left the back door open. Unaware of anything around her she headed to the bedroom. Pulling the covers over herself she became still, her breathing becoming deeper. Both hands held the now warm crystal next to her chest.

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