Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Novum Vicinos

(This is a short story I wrote a while back and I've just about finished with sprucing it up, plan on including this version in Continuum which is coming soon.)

Tap! Tap!
The noise awakened him from a deep sleep and that wonderful dream he was having. What a nice one it was too with that brunette who was so damned hot! The two of them had been making love on the deck of the boat while they were sailing along. The sun, the waves, the wind all seemed so real and perfect. I wish that would have really happened! He smiled to himself as his reverie still captivated his thoughts. Even better, in the dream he didn’t have any gray hair!
Tap! Tap!
Hearing the sound again caused him to sit up on the queen sized bed and look around the room. Everything in the bedroom looked just like they did earlier in the day except for the shadows. Even the hallway looked the same that was visible through the glass panels in the French doors. I really need to get some curtains for those soon. That was something he now remembered the realtor had mentioned as he became sentient. During the weeks of waiting for the closing it was one of those things that didn’t seem all that important. Somehow, they went from looking charming to something that was now rather disturbing with that appliqué spider web he decorated one of them with.
Getting up Josh went to the window and put his hands on the sill so could look out. There wasn’t much to see, the driveway between the two houses. The late fall chill was very noticeable as it transferred through the glass into his fingertips. This is the first night in the new place. I'm sure I'll get used to this house. Now what in the hell is making the noises that’s woken me tonight? Heading back to bed he heard the noises behind him again.
Tap! Tap!
The hair on his arms and the back of his neck stood on end and his skin felt prickly. This is definitely getting on my nerves. Rousing himself from the bed he made his way over to the window once again. An eerie feeling came over him and caused his stomach to churn. Just before he reached the window he heard the sound once again.
Tap! Tap!
Pulling the curtain back he peered out of the window. Observing the branch blowing back and forth and hitting the casement eased his concerns. Relief flooded in as he breathed a heavy sigh while he stood there watching it move. Letting the curtain fall back down he headed back to bed once more. Sitting down on the edge of the bed the tension he felt twisted within. His stomach wasn’t calming down and trying to will it to ease just wasn’t working.
Tap! Tap!
His ears located where the sound was coming from this time. Groaning, he rose to his feet and stepped over to the window to look out again. Man, this is really getting tedious!
Pulling back the curtain this time he was seeing some kind of glowing ball that was floating along. It faintly lit the concrete of the driveway and the light fog. His attention was riveted as he watched it floating by. He wanted to go out to touch it but yet was frozen in amazement. Slowly, it moved along to the garage door and then disappeared over the six foot high privacy fence.
Josh stood there gazing out a few minutes to see if anything else would happen but nothing did. It seemed to him the mystery was now solved as he headed back to bed. Lying down, he pulled the covers over himself and fell into a dreamless sleep for the rest of the night.
Waking to a bright shining morning the events of the evening were still fresh in his mind. Dressing quickly he went out to the driveway past the plastic molded pumpkin by the door. He ran to where the glowing orb went over the fence last night. Peering over it to the other side he now could see something that he hadn't noticed when he looked at the house. Why didn't I see those before? Row upon peaceful row of head stones greeted his vision. The cemetery was beautifully accented by the fall colors of the trees edging it. The unpleasant realization hit him that he might get a few more rather unwelcome visitors if he continued to live here.
Why did I have to move in just before Halloween? Is it too late now to get out of that damned contract I signed the other day?!
The End

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