Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran's Day.

Take some time to send your thoughts to those that have fallen in various wars. They served your country and it doesn't matter what country you're talking about. This doesn't mean you have to agree with the war they served in as that's a separate issue entirely. Personally, most wars shouldn't have ever been fought but the leaders for whatever reason felt that war was necessary. There's better ways of solving conflicts in my opinion. Think you actually have to serve in conflict to see it that way which most of our leaders don't. This time of year the ghosts come out and I do talk to them.

I myself am a veteran of the US Army, served in Iraq in 1991. Mostly did vehicle recovery, helped pull them out when they were stuck which was often. This especially was the deuce  and a half and five ton cargo trucks. While many times I don't feel it was an important contribution to Desert Storm apparently it was necessary at least.

My Grandfather served in North Africa during WWII. He wouldn't talk much about what happened while he was over there except for a very few things and it wasn't often. His job was to repair the fiber glass on some of the aircraft used while the Army was chasing after Rommel's forces.

While we both made it home we both knew many who didn't. My Grandfather more than me I'll admit. Take time to thank a Veteran today even if its just in your thoughts.

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  1. My father was in India during the war. I was in the RAF, mostly in the photo trade but I served in Northern Ireland and was one of the last to get a General Service Medal for the conflict ( to this day- I think I don't deserve it).
    My grandfather fought with the East Yorkshire Regt in the Great War. I had uncles in the both the Royal and Merchant navy as well as one in the Air Sea Rescue service.

    Like you- I don't support the politics of the war but will always support our service personnel.

    Over here, they used to have what was known as town companies- were lots of men and boys from a town or city would join the same Regt. That was banned after the Great War, if you see the memorials- you cry to see generations wiped out in the same area.

    Coming from a fishing family, I feel the same for fishing tragedies, Brian.


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