Thursday, November 8, 2012


I don't really want to talk much about the elections that we had recently other than you need to be aware of what goes into campaign promises. They are ALL saying what they think you want to hear. It may even be the truth but it probably isn't. It's kind of funny, I get away with less made up stuff in my fiction than most politician's does and I'm writing fiction of all things. If I put some of that same drivel in what I write it would be bashed.

What I will recommend you do for the next election cycle is get yourself informed. What have they really done previously? Are they guilty of what they say their opponent did? In many cases they are and you need to be aware. Remember, all of those ads are created to sell that candidate to you and in particular negativity sells. This especially holds true in the political arena. You don't like what's happening in YOUR government? Do something about it. Get informed. It IS your government after all. At least that's what I read in the Constitution.

An additional viewpoint on freedom to choose:


  1. OMG are you suggesting activism? This is America, sir! We have pundits for that!

  2. You really should read JT Hatter's "Lost In Zombieland: The Rise of President Zero". It's political satire at it's best and made me laugh out loud.

    Imagine Dunesberry on Steroids.


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