Monday, January 14, 2013

The scariest thing....

I decided that I would like to do something a little different than what happens during a normal blog hop. As authors, there are numerous things that come together to make us who we are and how we write. In some cases, what we write also. These are some really great answers and underneath each of their posts is at least one of their books.

What is the scariest thing that ever happened to you?

Raebeth Buda: My battle with depression and cutting. I was on a self destruct path until my daughter was born. She saved me.


SJ Byrne: Waking up out of surgery after having my daughter to find it wasnt the next day but two days later! And remembering a foggy few minutes when I couldnt move a single muscle - not even an eye lid - but heard everyone talking around me.

Tammie Clarke Gibbs: When I was around eight years old, my dad when on a fishing trip and didn't come home when he was supposed to. That was very unusual for him. It had NEVER happened before. My mom was going crazy, and eventually they called the sheriff's department, and the civil service organized a search for him and the friend he went with on the river where they went to fish. The whole night was very scary and the next morning when we were driving down that dirt road to the boat landing and seeing all those sheriff cars and flashing lights was enough to stop your heart. Praise the Lord, they found them. The boat they were in had motor trouble, and they had no choice but drift dead in the water all night. That was the scariest time I can remember.

Island of Secrets

Gillian Schafer: I was walking home from the station after work one afternoon and a guy asked me if I had a light, I didn't smoke so my answer was "no" I tried to be polite but non commital as he continued to follow me trying to chat to me. Then he started getting nasty, making snide and rude comments. I walked faster trying to ignore and get away from him when he called out to me "Do you want to be the next Anita Cobby?" Google Anity Cobby for the full story but long story short she was a young woman who was kidnapped while walking home from the railway station and brutally raped and murdered by a large gang of youths in the 1980's, and I remembered the story well. Luckily he was all talk but I was petrified walking home



Brian Bigelow: All right, here is mine and it’s a little eerie.

We had just moved into a new apartment downtown. The next day I was sitting on the sofa when the door opened from the outside. I could see a hand that wasn't attached to anything else. Couldn't even hear footsteps since it was only a hand. The hair stood up on the back of my neck. Went to the door and looked both ways and there wasn't anyone in the front passageway.

We had a lot of those type of visitors in that apartment during the entire time we lived there. They would walk through the apartment and I got used to them. Guess it was a matter of time before I started writing horror stories.

Horror Bent

Trace HappyforFootball: Scariest experiences are relative aren't they? I have had close calls, two stalkers and odd, inexplicable things but my scariest was when a former boyfriend stalked me. He did not accept the end of the relationship very well and took to following me, showing up places he knew I would be, threatening me and ultimately followed me home with a car full of friends - tailgating me, swerving around me, trying to run me off the road. I sped hoping a police officer would pull me over but it was dark and all of the businesses were closed in the area and of course, when you need a cop you can't seem to find one. I didn't have a cell phone at that point. So, I sped all the way to my parents' house, honked the horn as I pulled in the driveway and my Dad was out in the yard before the guy could get to my car and they opted to take off thankfully. It took a while to stop shaking after that.

Ryder on the Storm



  1. I'm in!!! Loved this post. And can remember my scariest moment when my dad had been in a car accident and they had to fly him emergency to the nearest city. The doctors told us they didn't know if he'd make it. Poor God sure got an earful of sobby beseeching prayers that night - and gave us all the answer we'd prayed for. Last month my Dad turned 88!!

  2. Great post. I really enjoyed reading the other authors posts.
    Tammie Clarke Gibbs


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