Friday, February 22, 2013

Busy days.

Recently I released Macabre Moments which is a horror anthology and is presently available on Amazon and Smashwords. Soon, though I'm not sure exactly when I will also have a piece coming out in Terror By Gaslight which is a multi-author horror anthology. Some of the guys that are in it are really very talented writers having read some of the other pieces they’ve written in other books. The piece I wrote is one I'm really proud of; it’s really quite the delightful bit of horror and was a hell of a lot of fun to write.

I've also been working on my part of a shared world novel, "Not To Yield" that will be released by Perseid Press. It's sci-fi of all things and I'll admit I'm having a bit of time envisioning some of the things that I'm attempting to write in my part. What can I say, I guess it's a little easier I guess for me see demon possession, murder and vicious vampires. You know, all the fun stuff. I am getting better acquainted with my DVD player for the next few days and am watching some sci-fi on purpose so I can get more of a feel my "Not To Yield" bit.

 I'm hoping to soon be working on a novella. We'll see how the ideas play out though. If I run with what's coming together in my head, it will probably end up a bit gory. I won't go any further than that right now but there's a lot of ideas in interplay together and some are quite good.

$2.99, 5* with 1 review. Macabre Moments 

$2.99, 5* with 6 reviews. Horror Bent

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