Friday, March 29, 2013

A few projects.

I’ve been taking a little break from writing on purpose. Or trying to, seems some ideas from the next book, “An Ill Wind Cometh,” have been making an appearance on their own so I’ve been writing them down. Soon I’ll be working on the Rip Tide manuscript to get it ready.

~ ~ ~ 

The last few days I managed to plant Cosmo seeds in a number of places where they should work as a windbreak. Even got the strawberry starters in and part of the soaker hoses where they will be for the coming year. These little lovelies are some of the garlic I planted last year (yes, you can plant garlic in the fall and leave it through the winter).

 ~ ~ ~

I finished up part of our porch roof in the last few days. It should be nice to have some times to sit out there and do some writing or possibly reading. Obviously, there's still more to do where that tarp is stretched in particular but didn't have the money for the material so I made do with what I had. I've had many mention the lights, they are solar path lights. Love the fact that they turn on at sunset and turn off at dawn. About once per year I have to replace the batteries, the lights experience severe temperature changes which affects battery life. I think the highest temps are around 120F, the lowest are around 0F.

~ ~ ~

Built bookshelves in the office and they work pretty well, they are made out of what had been some benches at the store I work on my day job. Got the office painted also in this rather nice blue color called, "Timeless." 

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