Monday, April 1, 2013

Watering restrictions.

I kind of glad now I'll be having the soaker hoses set up to be kind of a drip irrigation system. Did expect watering restrictions and they are happening. Guess it will only be on Wednesday's and Sunday's and those days are marked on my calendar. Now if I had a full drip irrigation system there is no time limits, but they're so effective getting the water to where it needs to go is why. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford a full drip irrigation system as of yet. The soaker hose system was the next best option. Many more places are going to have issues with water availability in the future.

Why they are happening here is because the reservoirs are less than half full and the temps have been quite a bit above normal. Drought conditions are expected to continue. Quite commonly these days, the humidity levels in our yard is between 20 and 40%.

Here's a little page on the limits.

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