Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A short interview with Nickie Storey

Today I’m interviewing Nickie Storey, she has a new book that will soon be coming out I believe by the 12th.

Nickie:  Brian, I guess my new book is a mixture of paranormal and girl coming of age who lives a life fighting evil, and the good guys aren't always so good.

Brian: They're the dangerous type. That sounds really good, and very interesting.

Nickie: Her name is Jordan. She is 17, can kick ass, and is unsure of her path in life. She lives with her uncle and two older brothers - one of which she does not get along with... Oh, and she killed her mother.

Brian: Killed her mother? Now I am intrigued. What gave you the initial ideas for the story?

Nickie: I've always loved anything 'weird' or out of the norm, such as the paranormal and monsters. I also wanted to write a book that was more mature in nature and content. I took these elements and combined them with an idea I got from my favorite T.V. show - Supernatural - and the first book in The Celadon Circle series was born.

Where you can find Nickie's books.


  1. Thanks for the impromptu interview, Brian! It was fun!


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