Friday, July 5, 2013

Ascendency Rising

It's been a busy week, I started working on this book and haven't gotten too far on it but it's looking like I've got a novel. Several chapters are started and will need further fleshing out. I'm hoping that everyone likes the cover, it resulted from the heavy photoshopping of the various image elements that makes it up. Quite often, when I have enough that I realize I'm onto a full length story I create a cover. I really hope everyone loves the book itself after I've finished writing it. So far, there's quite the fair bit of supernatural and paranormal horror that's built into the work in progress. It starts out in 1964 and the Mississippi river delta with a demon birth. We'll see where it leads to, but I like what I've written so far.

As I'm posting this we are also having an e-book fair. The button that will get you there the easiest is just up and to the left of this posting.

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