Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meet Mel.

Thanks for being here today.

You live in Australia, what's the best thing about the place you live at?

1. The best thing about this place to tell you the truth it's like every other country. But the best thing about Australia would have to be the people in Australia.

You've got an upcoming book called Australian Poltergeist tentatively and it's based on a true story from what you've told me. Can you tell the readers a little about it?

2. Well "Australian Poltergeist" is a novel that is indeed based on a true story and is the first book of three. Each book truer than the next. "Australian Poltergeist" is about a family that moves to a new town and well, like all families there's drama, there's happy parts, sad parts, the usual and then there's this family which could be classified as a disfunctional family. With the reality of something else being in the house, they indee don't work together but against. In "Australian Poltrgeist" we hear the story through naration be the teen, main character, Michelle. As the catch-like goes: "SOMETIMES THE UNSEEN IS BELIEVEABLE" 

What you tell the readers about The Deathly Roses?

3. The Deathly-Roses Volumes were the first ever piece I wrote to break out of poetry and are a new and original piece as well as genre. The genre stems from; prose/narrative dark paranormal flash fiction. The volumes are about our main character Wisty who has lived in a rich world were families force their teenage daughters of a certain age into marriage. However finding out she never actually was part of this rich family, she runs away, intent in finding her real family and who and what she truly is. There'll be 6 volumes. Volume 2 releases in October 2013. Volume 3 releases in July 2014. 

Now I realize that I'm about to ask something akin to asking you which of your children you like best but do you have a favorite of the books you've written?

4. I do have favourites of the books i've written or am writing. One would be the novel "Sunnyville" a gorey horror story, another would be "GoodSpeed" and many more. I enjoy writing! So most my writing would literally fit in this category.

It's been nice having you here today, thank you very much for your time.

Where you can find Mel: https://www.facebook.com/authormelina.turner?fref=ts

The Deathly Roses: http://www.amazon.com/The-Deathly-Roses-Volume-Volumes-ebook/dp/B00DZANRK2

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