Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Book covers

I usually try to create a work of art when I create a book. All except one of mine I designed. BTW, Clive Barker does all of his book covers also which I thought was interesting when I found out. Over many years I've done magazine and advertising layouts and more recently my book covers. 

Quite often I will use a public domain image but I modify it pretty significantly to what I think it should look like. Most people, including myself though I don't like to admit it, do judge the book by its cover. It has to draw the reader of the particular genre and most of mine are in horror these days so the more evil I can make it look the better it is.

This morning I finally created a new cover image for Macabre Moments and here it is. I really like what I came up with, it really correlates to the evil things that happens in the short stories that are in the book. The background image is a public domain image.

Here's the one I created for "An Ill Wind Cometh." I personally feel it's still my very best book cover. The house image I found on Wikipedia Commons. This book should be available again early this next year as an author's cut edition. Myself, and the new publisher, have expanded the story line greatly and it's presently in line edits.

I do write in some other genres occasionally also. This book is a classic fantasy story that fits well with the likes of Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Eragon, etc. I mostly created it as something my grandchildren could that I've written. Most of mine I don't want them reading until they're around 16 or so because they're all basically R rated. The red background image I found at a public domain site and I heavily modified the image and added the dragon. The one wearing the cape is me.

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  1. Love that you create your own covers ! Really does draw the eye in.


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