Friday, February 13, 2015

I have wheels

   As some of you know I lost my license a number of years ago due to getting caught driving without insurance. Since then I've relied on bicycles. The fines was $1500 and 16 days in jail was required. They are very serious about the issue here in Colorado. For a long time I had decided it might be better if I just didn't drive.
   Finally, I'm going to go get my drivers license and I decided to go the rather cheap route, a 49cc scooter which the trucking company delivered yesterday. This morning I got busy with getting it out of the crate it was shipped in. Once I got the large cardboard box off here's what it looked like.

   I had to dismantle part of that metal framework. The front wheel still had to be installed and handlebars attached properly. I will state there wasn't any assembly instructions so it's a good thing I have some mechanical aptitude.

   Here it is completely assembled on the driveway including the little trunk it came with.

The view of the scooter from the porch.

   So far I've tested it by trying to start it of which it kicks over. I'll have to get some gas later today when I'm out and about. It's a rather nicely balanced machine having sat astride it. At the least it's going to make my life a bit easier for getting to and from work.

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