Thursday, February 26, 2015

Road test tomorrow.

Today, it is snowing out. It should make it interesting for taking my road test tomorrow. It's been a long time since I drove last but I remember most of what I need to do. Most cars are pretty straight forward and the ones at that driving school near DMV are the easy to drive ones. If all goes well, as I think it will, I'll be completely legal to drive tomorrow afternoon.
   To my surprise last Thursday no reinstatement fee was required. Then again, maybe it shouldn't have surprised as all of the fines from being caught driving without insurance had been paid completely for a few years. Nicely enough the insurance on the scooter is rather cheap which I'll need it to be for a while.
   I still have to do the scooter registration which is coming up soon. Much more of the town will be within reach for me.

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  1. That's wonderful! Very happy for you; opens up your world :)


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