Saturday, September 19, 2015

Eleven Mile 9/17

Susan likes to fish so I took her to Eleven Mile Reservoir again. It was bright and sunny and breezy. For once I even got a little bit of a sunburn on my legs since I was wearing shorts as I went wandering to capture some images. It's now very dry there which is more normal for the area. Parts of the surroundings was rather desolate in appearance which you'll see a little of in some of these images. You'll also see the effects of wind and rain erosion. The hillside gets sculpted out and becomes new beach. 

A little later we moved to another part of the lake where I went wandering again. This is one of the first images I captured.
There's a trail called "Ponderosa" that I discovered. It's not very long, about 3/4 mile, but there's a lot of scenery available. Since the area elevation is about 8700 feet the aspens had started to change color.

After hiking I came back down to the shoreline where Susan was at. Finally I'd started doing a little fishing of my own, Since I wasn't catching anything I began looking for something else to photograph. Well, this little guy came along. He was so cute.

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