Friday, September 11, 2015

Manitou Lake Shoot 9/10

There's the Manitou Lake Recreation we went to on the 10th. As usual I helped Susan get set up for fishing and I went off on a jaunt with my SLR. These rocks caught my eye and I had to try to capture them.

This is the dam works. Thought it was interesting.

Then I got closer. This image would be great in black and white.

I managed a little ways down from the dam so I could get the spillway.

I laughed when I was walking along the shoreline and noticed the bobbers caught in the tree.

These are those rocks from earlier though at a different angle.

I liked the symmetry and the fact that the pathway is leading you somewhere.

These ducks were sitting there resting and they just about disappear into their surroundings.

A dragonfly had flown to low and had gotten caught in the water. It made for an interesting composition with the little waves.

This is the dragonfly that had been caught. Susan rescued it and I guess it wore itself out trying to get free from the water.

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