Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Creek near Fillmore

I've done many shots of Fountain Creek over the years. This section, however, was not one of them. Yesterday morning before work I stopped by and did a shoot. It turns out about 7 am is probably not the best time of day because of where the sun is in the sky. You get a lot of glare off the water especially shooting up the creek. Despite that I still made an effort to get a few usable images and I think I managed to.
Here they are, enjoy.

I did try to step out on to one of the sand bars as I was going to try for a slightly different composition for the fourth image. Usually the sand bars are rather firm and you can pretty much walk out to the middle of the creek. Not this year. We've gotten too much rain and I instantly began sinking to my chagrin. All day I had wet feet therefore.
Oh well, I still got a bit of what I wanted at any rate.
Have a great day and try to enjoy life a bit as you go through your day.

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