Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ft Morgan

Tomorrow is when we'll be in Brush, but for tonight we're in Ft. Morgan staying at the Super 8. Since we were somewhat early we went driving for a little bit and got something to eat at this Italian restaurant. We asked the waitress about some fishing spots in the area and she told us of one. Luckily, the same places that are good for fishing usually happens to be good for doing nature photography too. 
It turns out it's a wildlife area and appeared to be mostly closed. The gate on the road going further into the refuge was closed and padlocked. It was also 98F so it was pretty warm. I really didn't feel like hiking too far.

Near the parking area you can get to a little of the river. At least the oxbows you can. This is one in the picture is pretty filled with algae. There are a lot of mosquitos. You notice them.

A short ways over I came upon this one and it was a bit more photogenic. I really like the reflections in the water.

This dead tree just looked interesting to me.

We came back to Ft. Morgan and we drove through a park. Near that park is the Rainbow bridge which crosses over the South Platte river. Quite an interesting look to it. Having read the plate the bridge was built in 1922.

Tomorrow, early in the morning we'll be in Brush. Have a great day.

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