Sunday, June 19, 2016

Billiards competition

Any event that occurs can become a opportunity to make some good images. I'm a firm believer in that. Yesterday there a APA semi finals. Pretty much the best so far for the season are who qualifies to be in the competition. I figured it would be an excellent opportunity to capture a few images.
I'll note there's a bit of shutter lag because the lighting in the bar is rather crappy. Action shots are difficult therefore. I had to set the ISO at 1600 on my Fuji. At first I considered using my FLD filter but in my test shots it didn't seem to me the fluorescent lights were casting much of a hue. Out of 38 images I had six that seemed to be usable, one of which I included on my Viewbug account.

I liked the way the balls were sitting on the table in this image during one of the matches.

This is one of the action shots I was attempting. I apparently moved the camera slightly while I was capturing the image which caused a slight amount of blur. It probably would have been worse though if the camera didn't have some image stabilization built in.

This is the one I included on Viewbug. The blur from the hand, and the ball, I think added to the composition, and the image did get one peer award.

I haven't seen too many images where the camera is looking down the stick. It's kind of a different angle and this one I will probably include on Viewbug when I can upload again. Since I have a free account I'm limited on how many I can put on the site. I pretty much have to pick the images I think are the best of the best. If I went to a paid account I'd no longer be limited but my hobby wouldn't be as cheap to pursue as it is presently.

Here's Susan. I thought I did well with the framing in this image.

I was trying to get Susan in the act of her stick connecting with the cue ball. With the shutter lag it ended up a little late though she had gotten the ball in the pocket she wanted to. I think the cue ball also went in though I can't remember. Still, the result was rather decent. 

A couple of hours from now Susan will be in the second day of competitions. There were two complete sets yesterday. Apparently her team did well enough to continue into today which is cool.
Have a great day and try to enjoy life a bit. 

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