Sunday, June 19, 2016

Palmer Lake redux

Susan finished her billiards finals today. Afterward we went up to Palmer Lake again. This time with an inflatable boat I just bought. We crossed the lake and since I haven't rowed a boat for a long time it was an exercise in patience. I wasn't doing a good job at first of getting it to go where I wanted it to.
Once Susan started fishing I went wandering off and tried to find something to photograph. There really wasn't much however until I came upon these Canadian geese, with a full set of goslings in the grass of an adjoining wildlife refuge. 
Normally they would spend the summer in Canada, and Minnesota, but there is one pair that likes it here. Apparently living is really good because they had five goslings. Normally they would have two, or three, goslings at the most. My understanding is a pair will mate for life. Usually for the winter they south to South America. It's amazing journey of about 22,000 miles.
In the first frame is right after I spotted them in the grass, and then I followed them as they went. I didn't want to get too close, and yet, I couldn't help myself but get a bit closer. A couple of these images I can't wait to get up on Viewbug. It was definitely the bright spot of the day and now I'm sharing them with you dear reader, and viewer. I hope you enjoy the show.

Have a great day.

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