Friday, June 24, 2016

Palmer Lake again.

We went up to Palmer Lake again. After we got there this storm started blowing up and it began to get cloudy. It was rather difficult to row the boat across the lake with fighting the wind which was blowing us toward the north end of the lake. 
It was a little choppy at times too which didn't help.
Really not the best environment for composing images but I work with what I have available to me at the moment.
In this image you see a fence on the left side. That's the border for a wildlife preserve that's closed to the public and they don't allow anyone in. Anyway that wasn't intended as the subject. The pathway, and the lake was. So were the clouds which seemed to add a foreboding element to the composition.

Then I had to take a couple of images of the clouds themselves.

This is a bit of the wildlife preserve.

I tried doing a rather slow image of the water by the dam. I was hoping it would smooth out the water to make it a bit glasslike and that the trees on the shoreline would reflect on it. Still, it ended up being a rather cool composition.

Have a great day. I'll get out again soon and capture a few more images to share with you.

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