Thursday, June 23, 2016

Seven Bridges Trail

Today we went up to North Cheyenne Canyon Park. It's a wonderful, wild, scenic area where scenic images are available by the score. Through the park runs several trails, one of which is Gold Camp Road, now mostly a trail. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on this road. Back in the late 1800's it was where the railroad to Cripple Creek was. 
The image below is a guy walking his two dogs on Gold Camp Road.

This is near the beginning of Seven Bridges which branches off of Gold Camp Road. I wanted to test out what I was planning to use, the ND8, and ND4 filters stacked. The first two were done with the ND8 alone and are 2 second exposures.

This one is an 8 second exposure and I was stacking the ND4 also. From there I continued to shoot with the two filters stacked. Lengthening out the shutter speed like that makes the flowing water look ghostly. It's cool. For most of these the minimum shutter speed is 5 seconds.

For this one I also stacked the 2ND filter on top of the others. Oh, I did find out my maximum shutter time is 8 seconds. This image was an 8 second one.

IDK why but I've always thought these kinds of plants are cool. Every once in a while I'll photograph one.

Hope you enjoyed this little getaway. You should go on one of your own now. We all get too caught up in every day events that are usually beyond our control and we can do little about. These days there's all of that nasty political stuff too.
Have a great day and try to enjoy your life a bit.

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