Thursday, July 14, 2016

Helen Hunt Falls.

One of my favorite places to shoot is North Canyon which happens to be a city park. It's rugged, there are trees everywhere, and there are great photogenic streams. From the park, and through it, there are also several trails.
Today, we went to the park, and I wanted to get Helen Hunt Falls. I figured it wouldn't take too long especially since it was due to rain. Too long I guess is a relative term. Most of my photography is done on full manual mode, and utilizing a tripod which takes longer. I get better compositions however so it's worth it. 
I'll stand there a few moments and just gaze at the scene. I'm watching the interplay of light and shadow while over the top of the camera body. Many times I'll move the tripod a few times before I even turn on the camera and subsequently hit the shutter button. This time I was bracketing using my ND filter set which adds anywhere from 1 to 6 f/stops to the exposure.
I would have probably shot more but it started raining pretty hard as of the bottom image. It doesn't take much for a flash flood to happen when it's raining. After today I'll finally have to start using a different tripod. My Vivitar finally died after having it for about ten years. It stayed stuck open and wouldn't close up.
I know you wanted to see the photography so here it is. The first image was Susan's favorite.

When I can upload on Monday I'll get them up on Viewbug.
That's it for now, have a great.

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